I received My first revenue from GoogleAdSense
 was actually generated in January, 2015, that
 was 30 days ago and now I finally cashed it into 
my bank account. I noticed there was a change 
in AdSense,a notification told me about some changes
 in payment system. That’s when I knew a new
 payment method is available to me, which is 
Wire Transfer.Before that became available, 
there only had West Union Quick Cash or Check.
Other people might prefer West Union since
 it’s released without fees,at least “not at this moment.” 
But not me, because I don’t want to go to their offices.
Same reason for Check,and I believe check would cost
 more fee for checks from oversea banks.
I had tried to cash some checks around two decades ago,
I vaguely remembered the fee wasn’t cheap.
Anyway,I tried to set up the Wire Transfer,
but it turned out the form was flawed for the first
 bank account I wanted to use, the account number
 field was too short.asked on their support forums,
still haven’t got any updates.I thought about 
bumping the thread,but I switched to another
 bank account,which has shorter account number. 
Today, I finally received the payment.Although it
 took me 5 days to receive,but I don’t think it actually
 takes that long.My country has quite strict regulation
 for fund transferring and out of country,well,
 even inside the country. About 12 hours ago,
I received an email from my bank asking about 
what that money is.The bank has to put it on record,
probably reporting to government.I replied that
 the payment was from AdSense revenue, an hour
 later I got a reply, a few hours later,