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How to make Online money at least $500 per month from is a website where people offer different things to do for $5. As a buyer, you can get a lot of services done at $5. Some examples include: Creating a short video, getting a logo designed, SEO services, increase fans on your facebook fan page and so on. However in this post we will talk about how you can earn money from as a service provider.

When you provide a service on the buyer actually pays $5 but you will receive only $4. They take a cut of 20% for their services. If you can provide 5 services a day on average, that’s $20 in earnings. If you work for 25 days a month, that’s $500 a month in earnings. As a single person working from home, this is very much possible. You can expand your business by hiring more employees and delivering more services.
$500 a month is Rs.25,000 a month and Rs.3 Lakhs a year. This is equal to the average starting salary in any IT company in India. (In 2008 my job offer in an IT firm was Rs.2.75 Lakhs/Annum – of course I never went for it). These figures are just a rough idea and making $1000 per month or more is very much possible if you have some creativity and consistency. 
I have been using more as a buyer than seller and my primary earnings do not come from fiverr. So don’t ask me if I earn that much from them, I don’t. But I have enough experience to advice you on this topic.
Now let’s look into the whole process in more detail.

Step 1: Decide What You are Going to Sell

Usually freelance job networks only work on a model where the buyer posts a project with the estimate and requirements and service providers bid on the project. After the buyer is satisfied with one provider, he chooses (hires) him and work gets done, payment gets done. became popular because they turned the tables around. The first move is by the seller (or service provider, you!). You first post that you are ready to do this for $5 and then the buyer buys the service. This allowed for more creativity in the marketplace. People were offering strange and weird services and sometimes they were good value for more. Buyers found services that they would have never imagined were available and the whole eco system boomed.

The following image is a screenshot from the home page of where you can see services are being offered for $5.
You should head over to right now and have a look at the various services being provided there and get a general idea about the scope of the site. In each service offering (usually called a gig) you can see feedback. If a gig has a lot of comments, ratings and feedback its a good sign that they are doing well in sales of that particular service.
In the following screenshot you can see a guy offering voice over services for $5. He has 204 positive reviews which means at least 300-400 people would have ordered his services (all buyers may not leave feedback). Just on the conservative side, say its 300. $4 x 300 = $1200!
If you want to make a significant amount of money from fiverr, you should first study the market – learn what kind of services are in demand and sells well. You can try to provide a better service for the same price and people will buy from you. You can also make a new gig from your creativity, something which has never been offered in the site before.
Sometimes new ideas will boom, sometimes they may crash. Since there is no cost for posting a new gig and there is no limit to how many gigs you can post, you can just post anything that comes to your mind as a possible service idea. Just be careful that you will be able to meet the delivery deadlines – if a lot of people order your service and you don’t deliver, you rating in fiverr will go down.
You can also get some service ideas by visiting other freelance networks such as,,, and so on.
Hot Tip: Some people make a lot of money as a middle man between fiverr and other freelance sites. They would bid on a project on (or a similar site) and use fiverr to get the job done for a cheaper price and make money in the middle. For example if someone posts a job for $20 in, you can bid on it, get it done for $5 on if the same service is available and make a cool $15 as a broker. And there is nothing legally or ethically wrong with this method!

Step 2: Post Your Service/Offer – Gig

Once you have some ideas on what kind of services you can offer, it is time to start publishing it on After you have created your account, go to Seller -> My Gigs and then click on the button ‘Add New Gig’. You will get a page like this where you can enter the details of your offer. Make it as explanatory as possible so that buyers order your Gig with confidence.

You can add images and videos in your gig. Try to add a video explaining your services so that people get a clear idea what your gig is about. Once you have added it, add a few more gigs and wait. You are sure to get orders if you are providing something of value. Initially your orders will be slow, but as you provide more services and get more feedback, your orders will get repeat customers and new referrals.

Step 3: Improve Your Rating and Reputation

To get a lot of orders you should remember the following points…
  • Provide a good quality service and make the buyer happy
  • Always leave feedback for the buyer and ask them to give you a feedback in return
  • Deliver your orders on time
  • Under promise and over deliver so that your chances of getting -ve feedback are reduced
  • Sometimes buyers won’t be satisfied even if you provide a good service. Just reply to them politely and provide a refund instead if arguing with them and risking a negative feedback.
  • Give clear instructions to the buyer about what they should provide for your work. Clear and transparent communication will help both the parties.

Step 4: Withdrawing Your Money

Once you deliver an order, the order will be marked complete in 3 days. After that there is a 2 week holding time before your balance can be withdrawn. When you withdraw your balance, it will be paid to your PayPal account. Then it will be withdrawn to your bank account. For more information about PayPal, visit my post about using PayPal in India.


I hope you got a good idea about making money with Go ahead and start trying it out. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below. Remember, the secret of making money is just 4 letters… W.O.R.K.!

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World`s Best 5 freelance Websites~2015

Online freelance websites and marketplaces are changing the way we work. We can work from anywhere, choose how much we want to work and at what time we want to work. We don’t have to worry about waking up early to get ready for the job or even taking a long holiday with our family. We are your own bosses!

As the freelance culture grew famous during the last 3-4 years, hundreds of websites have been launched that provide great service to freelance workers and outsourcers. I did some research on the web and found the following 5 best freelance websites that are really changing the freelance landscape of the world and have already established themselves as mega sources of freelancing and outsourcing.

5 Best Freelance Websites (Updated 20th Sept, 2015)

1. Freelancer

It is one of the biggest and the oldest player out there. After the launch in year 2003, it has now grown into world’s biggest outsourcing destination. It has recently acquired the two big giants in the freelancing marketplace: vWorker and Scriptlance and now become bigger than ever.
If you are looking for a place to start, then Freelancer is the best place for you. Its easy to sign up as a freelancer or employer and start earning or hiring. I always recommend newbies and even the professional freelancers who have worked on other freelance sites to  join

2. Toptal

A newer player in the freelance game, Toptal is great for experienced software developers. Their screening process is pretty intense – only accepting the top 3% of developers – so it’s not as easy to get up and running on a project as with some of the other sites listed here.
If you are able to get through the screening rounds, though, it’s a pretty great setup. The service pays really well, higher rates than all the other sites listed here. They can set you up with a range of projects from short- to long-term, and will match you with projects that fit specifically to you and your skillset.
If you are looking for a highly qualified developer for your startup or any other high quality project, I strongly recommend you hire your developer from Toptal.
Note : This is a the most Premium freelancer network that I’ve found on the web. Guys there are highly talented and are usually paid much higher than other sites.

3. Elance

It is the oldest and one of the most trusted freelance website. It was launched in the year 1999 and since then it has done a total freelance transaction of about half a billion dollars. With a large number of freelancers in different fields like web designing and development, graphics design, content writing etc and about 50,000 jobs posted every month, there’s always a huge scope in getting fresh jobs here.

4. Upwork (Formerly known as

Upwork, formerly known as is my personal favorite. oDesk rebranded itself to Upwork in first week of May. But nothing has changed, it is still the same amazing place for finding jobs and hiring freelancers.
When I started my freelance career I did it with this site. It provides very high quality service and the fees that they take for projects are also small. The most important thing that I love about oDesk is its support team. It never happened that they were not able to respond to my queries and problems.

5. Fiverr

It is the world’s largest marketplace for small services. The most interesting part is you can create gigs for as low as $5. It  can prove to be a money making system for you even if you don’t know the coding or design stuff. Just have a look at the gigs others are creating and see if you can do that too. If you can do something very usual that people may be willing to pay $5 for then you can make significant amount of money here.
Now you can go and check out which of the following freelance website suits you the best. There are a lot of other sites also but these are the top players out there.

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Earn Online Money - Increase Adsense CPC

CPC is known as Cost-Per-Click sometimes known as pay-per-click (PPC) i.e. the amount which has to be paid by the advertisers for a single click on their Ads running on your particular webpage. Consequently, it is nothing but the costs incurred by advertisers in one hand and on the other hand it is revenue for Google AdSense Publishers.

You may say that AdSense CPC (cost-per-click) rates will depends on the advertisers bidding (Automatic and Manual) for your site/blog. Accordingly, you have not directly control over the CPC rates and therefore you should have to care about some areas which indirectly helps to increase the CPC rates.

You should also keep in mind that whatever CPC rates you are seeing in your AdSense performance report is not the actual CPC that advertisers are paying for a single click. Actually, it equals to only 68 percent of actual cost-per-click rate. This is because of Google AdSense revenue share (Payments) i.e. Google kept 32% of actual revenue you have earned for displaying ads with AdSense for content. Similarly, for AdSense for search, publishers receive only 51% of the revenue recognized by Google.

Now, the question arises what should be done by the AdSense publishers to increase CPC rates so that their AdSense Ads will fetch for revenue. Based on my personal experience, I am sharing some practical and more genuine guidelines to all of you which may help in increasing your AdSense CPC rates to earn more from Google AdSense.
In my opinion, our ultimate target should be to attract more advertisers to increase tough competition among them resulting more CPC rates they have to pay for appearing on our sites/blogs.

If you have  any questions feel free to discuss here !!

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SSC CGL Tier-1 2015 Result out

SSC CGL Result 2015 Tier 1 Exam

Staff Selection Commission had successfully conducted Common 
Graduate Level Exam 2014 tier 1 exam on 09 & 16 August 2015. 
Also a re-examination was held at selected centres on 
30 August 2015.

 Those candidates who had appeared for this test can check 
their results as well as marks from below given links after 
declaration. SSC is expected to announce the result of Tier 1
 exam in October 2015 and Marks / Score card within a week
 from declaration. Now the latest news is that the result of 
CGL 2015 Tier 1 exam had been declared on 29 September 2015.
Those candidates who had appeared can check SSC CGL
 Exam Result 2014 and Marks obtained by visiting the 
direct links given below.

SSC CGL Result 2015 Tier 1 exam - Check SSC CGL Marks 

Latest news:
Result of SSC CGL 2015: SSC had announced the result 
of CGL 2015 Tier 1 exam on 29 September 2015.

CGL 2015 Tier 1 Marks obtained will be announced 

around 7 days from result date i.e. 29 September 2015.

SSC CGL Marks 2014 - SSC had released marks of CGL 2014 

on 17 September 2015.

Staff Selection Commission organized CGL 2015 at several 

centres in various states of the country. The test was 
organized to determine eligible candidates for various posts
 of inspectors, tax assistants, auditor, SI etc. The exam 
consists of 3 tiers. Tier 1 had already been conducted 
earlier on 09, 16 & 30 August 2015. Now the answers given
 by candidates are under examination. As soon as they 
got processed, SSC will upload the results to its official 

After SSC CGL 2015 Tier 1 Result declaration

Candidates who qualify in the Tier 1 exam will have to 
appear for SSC CGL Tier 2 Exam. In Tier 2 Exam, there
 will be 2 & 3 papers depending on post applied. 
Questions will be asked from Quantitative Aptitude & 
English Comprehension.
It is expected that the results of CGL Tier 1 will be 
declared by SSC either in the last of September or
 in October 2015.

After the CGL Tier 2 exam - Tier 3

Candidates will qualifying after SSC CGL Tier 2 result 

declaration will be called for Interview/ Skill Test 

Selection Method
Interview posts (other than Statistical Investigator) – 

Tier I + Tier II (Paper I + Paper II) + Interview marks
Statistical Investigator Grade II: 

Tier I + Tier II (Paper I + Paper II + Paper III) + Interview marks.
Non Interview Posts: Tier I + Tier II (Paper I + Paper II)

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How to earn money online and Passive income

Today Everyone want to earn Online money and we can say that Passive income in modern time.
So I have lot of Ideas But here I am posting one of them .
If you heard about this than good Otherwise you have a great chance to make Huge money but constantly.

You heard about FIVERR.COM   
if No than I am providing Information about this.

What is is an progressive and unconditional networking website that allows to you buy or sells all kind of services or talents for $5 purchase.
The services offer on are known as gigs.
Basically Now a days 14 categories of services on
this Online largest market place has slogan Browse Buy Done.

They are  :

  1. Programming
  2. Technology
  3. Advertising
  4. Business
  5. Social Marketing
  6. Writing
  7. Video
  8. Travel
  9. Graphics
  10. Gifts
  11. Music
  12. Audio
  13. Tips & Advice
  14. Others
If you have experience anyone of these services than You can earn a lot .Now a days This website is going to be viral in the world.
Today on 21 Feb. 2015 celebrating it`s 5th Anniversary .

You can discuss any query about How to make Online money in the comment box...

SSC CGL : New pattern of Examination

Hello Everyone ,

Today I was reading the news paper " Dainik Bhaskar " in the morning .

I found a good news that is Staff selection commission is going to organize all examination Online.
I think that Now every SSC examination`s candidate will be happy Because chance of Fraud/scams are diminised after taking this action by SSC and Candidates should concentrate Now on your preparation of the exam.

I am sharing the Exam syllabus of SSC CGL 2015 .

Combined Graduate Level Examination :

It consists of three components –

Combined Graduate Level (Preliminary) Examination :

No of Questions
Part A
General Intelligence
& General Awareness
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
Note :
  1. Both parts A & B will be of objective type ( multiple choice type)
  2. Question paper (Test Booklets) for both the parts in Preliminary Exam will be set in both in English and Hindi

Part A :

a) General Intelligence:
It would include questions of both verbal and non verbal type. This component will include questions on analogies, similarities and differences, spatial visualization, spatial orientation, problem solving, analysis, judgement, decision making, visual memory, discrimination, observation, relationship concepts, arithmetic reasoning, verbal and figure classification, arithmetical number series, non-verbal series, coding and decoding, statement conclusion, syllogistic reasoning etc.

b) General Awareness: 
Questions in this component will be aimed at testing the candidates general awareness of the environment around him and its application to society. Questions will also be designed to test knowledge of current events and of such matters of everyday observation and experience in their scientific aspects as may be expected of an educated person. The test will also include questions relating to India and its neighbouring countries especially pertaining to History, Culture, Geography, economic scene, General polity and scientific research etc. These questions will be such that they do not require a special study of any discipline

Part B :

This part will include questions on problems relating to number system, computation of whole numbers, decimals and fractions, relationships between numbers, fundamental arithmetical operations, percentage, ratio and proportion, averages, interest, profit and loss, discount, use of tables and graphs, mensuration, time and distance, ratio and time etc.


The Commission have the discretion to fix different minimum qualifying standards in the papers of the Preliminary Examination taking into consideration among others, category-wise vacancies. The combined preliminary examination is meant to serve as a screening test only; the marks obtained in the Preliminary examination by the candidate who are declared qualified for admission to the Main/written examination will not be counted for determining their final order of merit. Only such candidates who are declared by the Commission to have qualified in the preliminary examination in a year will be eligible for admission to the Main examination(s) of that year provided they are otherwise eligible for admission to the Main examination(s).

Combined Graduate Level (Main) Examination :

The combined main examination will be of conventional type as per schemes A & B given below for recruitment to the posts as Assistant Grade/ Inspectors of Central Excise/Income Tax./CBI etc.

Scheme A: 

The main examination will consist of two parts-

Part I : Written Examination, and
Part II : Personality Test wherever applicable.

Part I: Written examination (This Examination is held in two sessions every day) :
Name Of Test
General Studies
(Option to answer either in Hindi or in English)
3 Hrs
9.30 AM to
12.30 PM
2 Hrs
2.00 PM to
4.00 PM
Arithmetic (Option to answer either in Hindi or in English)
3 Hrs
9.30 AM to
12.30 PM
Language Comprehension (English)
2 Hrs
2.00 PM to
4.00 PM
Communication Skill & writing ability (option to answer either in Hindi or in English)
2 Hrs
9.30 AM to
11.30 AM
Hindi (only for Delhi Police)
2 Hrs
2.00 PM to
4.00 PM
  1. All the question papers for the main examination will be of conventional type.
  2. All the question papers, except Paper II, Paper IV and Paper VI, will be printed both in English and Hindi languages. The Commission will have the full discretion to fix separate minimum qualifying marks in each of the papers and in the aggregate of all the papers separately for each category of candidates (viz. SC/ST/OBC/PH/EXS/UR). Only those candidates who qualify in all the papers as well as in the aggregate would be eligible to be considered for being called for the Personality Test/Interview wherever applicable.
  3. Paper II will be compulsory for all the candidates. However, this will be of qualifying nature only for the candidates who are opting for the post of Assistants (i.e. for candidates who are opting for the post of Assistant, the marks secured in this paper will not be counted for preparation of the final select list). The Commission shall have the discretion to fix the qualifying standard in this paper. Answer Scripts of the remaining papers will be evaluated only of those candidates who secure the minimum qualifying standard in paper II of the main examination).
  4. Paper I and III are compulsory for all the candidates appearing for all the categories of posts.
  5. Paper IV will be compulsory for all the candidates except those opting for the post of Assistants.
  6. Paper V will be compulsory for candidates opting for the post of Assistant only.
  7. Paper VI (Hindi) will be compulsory for the candidates opting for the post of Sub-Inspector (Exe.) in Delhi Police only.
  8. Candidates will have the option to answer Paper I, Paper III & Paper V either in Hindi or in English language.

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If you are going to start investing in stock market than first Know the basics

If you are Entirely New to share market than Understand How to start ....

To succeed in share market, It is important to start with a good understanding of How share market investment works.
This financial article will lead you through the process of making investment determination.

1.   Set your financial goals 

First understand why you are investing. determine your goal so that you can understand the difference between today where you are and the rate of return needed to get there .

2.    Determine your risk tolerance

Action taken by you against your need for returns is the risk needed to earn. Risk is the function of two variables : Ability to take risk and your willingness to do.

3.   Learn about the market 

Before investment spend much time for analysing about share market and performance of the companies .

4.   Formulate your expectations for the stock market 

In this step that need you develop the power to account for a extraordinary amount of financial data about market  performance.

5. focus your thinking 
You should try to develop expectations about the market and the companies sectors.

6.  determine your assest allocations 

This step very important because in this determine how much of your money you will put in which types companies (sector) investment.

7.   select your investments

You must decide on that based on your macro and micro expectations whether are there companies or different country you should invest in more or less.

8. buy your shares
After deciding your preferred sector of companies and how much of ehich shares to buy, this time to buy your shares/stocks.

9.    Establish benchmarks 
Basically Benchmarks are based on the performance of various market index. which allow you to conclude whether your investments are giving better return than the market overall.

How to open Demat account and Understand some financial Terms

If someone needs to buy shares or stocks , Exchange traded funds (ETFs)  then one needs to have a demat account. This article tries to define in Q & A form about Demat Account.
In India, shares and securities are held electronically in a Dematerialized or Demat account, instead of the investor taking physical possession of certificates. Just like  bank which holds the funds for depositors one needs a Depository to hold these shares in electronic format.
A depository is an organisation which holds securities (like shares, debentures, bonds, government securities, mutual fund units etc.) of investors in electronic form. To avail the depository services one needs an intermediary through which investors can avail the depository services i.e store their shares etc in electronic format called as Depository Participant(DP).  DPs also provides services related to transactions in securities. In India there are two depositoriesNational Securities Depository Limited   (NSDL) and Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) . While ICICIdirect, HDFCSecurities and independent brokerage firms like Indiabulls, Religare, Reliance, IndiaInfoline and ShareKhan are Depository Participants.

How to Start Stock Investing?

To start investing in the stock markets, you need 3 types of accounts – Trading Account (to place buy/sell orders), Demat Account (to hold your shares in dematerialized form), and a Bank Account (for fund transfers).

Trading Account
An account similar to a bank account, to be opened with a ‘stock exchange registered stock broker’. This account is used for placing orders in the stock exchange (i.e. to buy/sell shares).

Demat Account
An account where shares are held in a dematerialized form (i.e. electronically instead of the investor taking physical possession of certificates). The demat account is necessary to receive/transfer shares when you buy/sell shares through your trading account.

Bank Account
Your regular savings or current bank Account should be linked to your trading account. The Bank account is required to transfer/receive money when you buy/sell shares through your trading account.
Typically, if you sign up with a stock broker, they will guide you on not only the opening of the trading account but also the demat account and linking of your bank account. Just like banks provide you with the facility to open and maintain saving accounts, in the same way the Depositories* provide the facility to open and maintain demat accounts. In India, the government has mandated two entities –National Securities Depository (“NSDL”), and Central Depository Services (India) (“CDSL”) – to be the custodian of dematerialized securities.
Most big stock brokers register themselves as a Depository Participant (“DP”)who act as an agent of the Depositories to make its services available to the investors. Effectively both your trading account and your demat account is maintained by your stock brokers (mostly through setting up of 2 different entities). In case of some stock brokers, they use the depository services of other bigger financial institutions or custodians and only provide the front end trading account. As an investor, no one approach is better than the other for you, as typically, it takes the same amount of time for shares to be deposited and withdrawn from the demat account in either case.

  1. Approach a BSE and NSE registered stock broker.
  2. Fill up the KYC form provided by the stock broker.
  3. Attach the required documents – (i) identity proof and (ii) address proof.
  4. Produce the original PAN card during account opening.
  5. For Derivatives segment (i.e. futures and options market), 6 months account statement of your existing bank account is required.
  6. One cancelled cheque of the bank account you want to link to your trading account.
  7. 3 passport size photographs
If you have any doubt than share in the comment box ...

GATE 2016 : Exam syllabus and some important points about GATE paper

In this article you will find complete knowledge about GATE exam and about its syllabus .

                               About GATE 

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) 2016 Exam is one of the tough exams directed for confirmations for post-graduation education in India, albeit separated from M-Tech, numerous PSU enlist through GATE exams also. This exam is composed essentially to test the complete information of an individual in different undergrad subjects of Engineering and Technology in an extremely brilliant way. It is mutually sorted out by Iisc Bangalore and 7 IIT’s ( IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT GuwahatiIIT KanpurIIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras, IIT Roorkee).
The GATE score of an applicant reflects the relative execution level of a student. The score is utilized for admissions to different post-graduate projects in Indian advanced education organizations, with monetary
aid gave by MHRD and other government offices. As of late, GATEscores are additionally being utilized by a few Indian open segment endeavors (i.e., government-possessed organizations) for enrolling graduate specialists in passage level positions. It is a standout amongst the most focused examinations in India.However before we move, lets observe certain new things which have been presented in GATE 2016 Exam- We have started taking part in google forum of GATE 2016 and be ready for GATE 2016.

  • Female candidates are not needed 
  • to pay the application fee.
  • There will be ONLINE Computer based test
  • All candidate info as well as if they have any issue regarding anything will be available in a single online applicant interface of GATE
  • During Online application a candidate must upload signature and photograph
  • A new method has been introduced to calculate GATE exam score

There are 21 papers in which GATE exam 

is being conducted.

 GATE Exam Syllabus/ GATE Syllabus as follows for 


Please write your views and comments in the comment box below for quick and better response. click here