Tuesday, 19 March 2013

MNREGA (2005)-A act of government of india

The national rural employment guarantee act is landmark legislaton in indian history of social security legislation after independence.enacted after a successful struggle for an employment guarantee legislation,this legislation is a partial victory towards a full fleded right to employment in any developing country context.

For the first time,right to work has been made a legal compulsion and entitlement for unemployment allowances in case of non-allotment of employment assured through this act.what is considered to be crucial is the empowerment of the poor through the provision of a right-based law,which would act as a strong safety net in the lack of alternative employment opportunities for poor people.
The other key attributes of ths scheme are time bound guarantee,lab or intensive work,decentralized participatory planning,women empowerment,work site facilities and above all,transparency and accountability through the provision of social audits and right to information.MNRGEA is a unique and unprecendented effort in strengthening grass-root democracy in india.
In west Bengal ,GP is the primary progarm implementing agency of NREGA along with other PRI bodies and line departments.
A study conducted by Dipjoy sen roy & Debabrata samanta on the good governance with west Bengal case took following five indicators which quantify the quality of governance
1. participation
4.Effectiveness & efficiency
If NREGA worksites were open only for one day in the year,one would find 216 crore people working !
on average each house hold ( that work on NAREGA works ) got 48 days of employment.
Tamil Nadu is another good example states from which there is much to learn. In Tamil Nadu , state government first focused on the basics improving capacity at the GP and block lables and putting system in place. Great attention was paid to details such as the design of formats for keeping , monitoring mechanisms here i introduce with a great example regarding to Tamil Nadu government action for NREGA. that is the job card in Tamil Nadu includes illustrations aimed at awareness generation apart from being innovative in recording attendence and payment. Tamil Nadu was at the bottom of the ladder in 2006-2007. Yet by 2009-2010 it was close to the top.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Our country for everyone

Mass are always fascinating things.A good map of one`s own country never fails to quicken one`s heart beat.seeing it is like hearing the national anthem or catching a glimpse of the flag fluttering from a proud most-head."where can one get this map?I have often been asked.
"Try the government bookshop on janpath."
I went there once,but drew a blank.this sort of map should be on sale in every bookshop.I have had many conversations like these.and i was reminded of them when,wandering round connaught place bookshops lost fortnight.i saw a little which read"school Atlas"-A blue letters on a chocolate-brown surface.I picked up the book,excited by it.it was printed beautifully.The colours and the lattering and the layout were all of the very first order.Now i described the Atlas-book,In atlas excellent idea on the part of those who planned the atlas os to devote three pages to the maps of our neighbouring countries-ceylon,nepal,burma,china,Afghanistan and pakistan.This is followed up by another feature deserving congratulations-A two page spread which is called"The great himalaya"showing the entire region from the salt Ranges in west pakistan to the Trijunction(point where india,china and burma meet) in the east.
This is the kind of map that should be in every school and every family.The survey of india`s motto is :Asefu Himachalam" and the atlas should be found in every place between the sea in the south and the mighty mountains in the north.a good atlas has of late become unbuyable;some foreign atlases have rightly not been allowed to be sold in the country because they either shows kashmir as a"territory under dispute" or magnanimously give parts of kashmir to pakistan.
let now we talk of emotinal integration.we say the people of one region should know more about the people of another.A sure way of achieving this is through the wise use of the song,the flag and the map.the young boy bending over and peering into a map travels in his imagination all over the country.
If he is from satara(A place in mumbai region)he hops to shimla(himachal pradesh).each lad in his mind does what sankaracharya did a thousand years ago,physically  touch the four corners of the country.that gives him a feeling that all the land was his,all parts of it.he will bathe in all the rivers,climb all the hills,see the waterfalls,swim in all the beaches,roll in the meadows,wonder in the forests,ride the elephants of assam,frolic with the lions of gir and pluck the flowers beside the dal lake(kashmir).
Finally i want to say to that A good atlas is,a present that boys treasure most and intelligent elders know it.